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The Volunteer From Germany Working At The Natural Farm

The volunteer from Germany working at the natural farm

The volunteer from Germany Cäcilia Schaarschmidt is doing volunteer work in the village called Frasher,…

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Diakonie Kosova Part Of Erasmus+ Training 4 Trainers That Brings Together Youth Workers From Across Europe

Diakonie Kosova part of Erasmus+ Training 4 Trainers that brings together youth workers from across Europe

One 29th and 30th June 2017, Eurodiaconia hosted its ‘Training 4 Trainers’ event in Brussels,…

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Interview Of Mr. Baumgarten With The Biggest Diakonie-Headquarter In Düsseldorf

Interview of Mr. Baumgarten with the biggest Diakonie-Headquarter in Düsseldorf

What do refugees from Kosovo expect when they have to return?  This question has led…

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The Psycho-social Center For Trauma-therapy Organizes Training

The Psycho-social Center for Trauma-therapy organizes training

The Psycho-social Center for Trauma-therapy organizes training on the topic: "Neurotic Disorders and their differentiation…

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German KFOR Visits The Projects Of Diakonie Kosova

German KFOR visits the projects of Diakonie Kosova

On 29.06.2017 German KFOR visited the projects of Diakonie Kosova and the workshops of Diakonie…

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The Visit Of Representatives Of National Authority Of Qualifications

The visit of representatives of National Authority of Qualifications

The visit of three experts from the National Authority of Qualifications for evaluation of the…

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