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Recent activities

Delegation From BFDW- Brot Für Die Welt Visits Diakonie Youth Center

Delegation from BFDW- Brot für die Welt visits Diakonie Youth Center

Team of Diakonie Youth Center had a great honor to welcome delegation from BFDW- Brot…

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Another Successful Generation Certified In The Web Design Course

Another successful generation certified in the Web Design course

Another successful generation completed the Web Design course. The participants were certificated for completing the…

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Diakonie Youth Center is looking for participants from Kosovo for an Youth Exchange with youth…

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Diakonie Youth Center Welcomes The German Ambassador Mrs. Angelika Viets

Diakonie Youth Center welcomes the German ambassador Mrs. Angelika Viets

Diakonie Youth Center again had the honor to welcome Mrs. Angelika Viets- German Ambassador in…

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