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The project of chickens and eggs

The biologic farm of chickens is a project financed from the European Union dhe the municipality of Mitrovica. This bio farm happens to be the first of its kind in Kosovo and in the southern Balkan. Is located on the south-western part of Mitrovica, 5km far from center of the city, in the village Frasher. The land was donated from the municipality of Mitrovica. The object of the farm is ecologic made from wood, isolated with  straw bundles and clay plastering, build from an experienced expert on a training course with colleagues.

We collaborate firmly with the non-profit Kosovar organization “Handikos”. The people with special needs find and interesting and safe work environment with animals in nature.

We cultivate the Maran’s race, Mitrovica-Maran (M-M). This race has French origin, and is of high meat quality and considerable number of eggs per year. The dark brown color of chickens and eggs with black dots are characteristics of this race. We sell our products every Saturday on Mitrovica’s market.

We are certified by a certification office called Bio Albinspect from Tirana, Albania due to European organic standards.

Three main priorities of Bioferm are as below:

• Biologic care of chickens and eggs production.
• Established access with people and animals.
• Hand by hand, people with and without limited capabilities work together.


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