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Diakonie Kosova – The office for returnees opens three salons for hairdressing

Diakonie Kosova – The office for returnees during April and May 2018 has opened three salons for hairdressing as a way of helping families repatriated from Germany.

The locations of these hairdressing salons are two in Mitrovica, one calles “Beauty Center” located in the street “Martirët e Kombit” ( at Kovaqt), and the other one is called “Te Rona” and is located in the street “Bislim Bajgora” (close to the police station). Meanwhile there is the third hairdressing salon located in Vushtrri at the street “Bahri Kuqi” (Gojbula street) and it is called “Sallon Ondulimi Vella”. All the hairdressers in these saloons are professional in their field, and two of them are certified from Diakonie Training Center- DTC.

Attached you can see some of the pictures from these salons.

Te Rona (5)