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Successful story- Two students of fashion design helped by Diakonie Kosova to open their fashion design store

Festina Nivokazi, born on 12.04.1997 in Mitrovica and Albulena Vojvoda, born on 09.08.1997 in Skenderaj, attended the tailoring training at Diakonie Training Center. In this training they were professionally trained since the training includes lectures from the most basic ones to the most advanced lessons. This training similar to other training within the DTC is guided by professional trainers in their field and the training involves the theoretical and practical side.

Albulena and Festina were certified in 2017 by DTC after showing remarkable results in the sewing profession.

Thanks to this success, Festina and Albulena were assisted by Diakonie Kosova – DTC with the opening of a shop and the necessary equipment for designin and sewing, where today they enjoy the respect of many satisfied customers.

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