A youngster gets offered a job since he successfully completed the Camera Course in Diakonie Youth Center.One of the participants that attended the camera course in Diakonie Youth Center, who was economically not stable and unemployed just like 60% of the population in Kosovo, showed an excellent performance during the course and was certified in the end of this course. When he terminated the course, the staff of Diakonie Youth Center together with the trainer of the camera course, were engaged in finding him an internship in a company of similar profile as the course.

After a successful internship he was offered a job. His job involves video and photo shootings of events such as weddings, cultural events, advertising etc.

We end this successful story by quoting some of his words regarding this story:

“I want to thank Diakonie Youth Center and the donators for the camera course for providing me the opportunity to be part of this training”.

We thank our donors for making possible that his family now has financial support thanks to the contribution of KNH in Diakonie youth center.

His name known to the author of this story.

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