Riad Bejta is born on 28.06.2000 in Smrekonicë (Vushtrri Municipality) and Bleard Haxhaj is born on 17.12.2000 in Mitrovicë, both of them were students (candidate for training)in Electrical Installations in the period of time from 10.09.2018 to 17.12.2018 in Diakonie Training Center-DTC.

In this training they were professionally trained since the training includes lectures from the most basic ones to the most advanced lessons. This training similar to other trainings within the DTC is lead by professional trainers in their field and the training involves the theoretical and practical side.

During their training, in the theoretical and practical part he has shown a high level of professinalism and were eager to learn and to share the knowledge with others.

Both of them are certified in December 2018 and through the DTC office of employment were offered a job in the profile of Elektroinstalation by the private company Neki Group with owner Nehat Gashi in Mitrovica. We wish these guys good luck!

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