In Diakonie’s office in Fushë Kosova, our doctor and nurse are continually providing free medical check-ups for the minority people of this area. This area consists of the biggest neighborhood of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian (RAE) communities in Kosovo with around 5000 inhabitants. Previously they did not have access to medical care within the neighborhood. 

Diakonie’s doctor and nurse providing a medical check-up in Fushë Kosova’s office

With the help of donations from Germany, we are able to also give medications for free. Now our center there is the main address for medical checkups with the number of patients increasing continually each month.


In addition, the doctor and nurse have provided monthly lectures to RAE women in Fushë Kosova to promote healthy behavior. Some of the topics included: breast cancer and early detection, diabetes, oral hygiene, hypertension, family planning, healthy behaviors etc.

Considering the vast majority of women who participated are illiterate, this was a chance for them to learn about the most prevalent chronic diseases and maintaining healthy behaviors.

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