The Psycho-Social Center for Trauma Therapy has held lectures in schools about trauma and its impact. The lectures were provided for teachers in primary schools, mainly in the municipality of Skënderaj.

The lecture about trauma and its impact in the school of Makërmal, Skënderaj.

The purpose of these visits was to train teachers to recognize the signs of trauma in children. This contributes in early identification of traumatized children and better referral system for traumatized school children. 


The lectures were held in the schools of Ticë, Skënderaj, Runik, Makërmal, Prekaz i Epërm, Likoc, Prekaz i Poshtëm, Abri e Poshtme, Llaushë, and Vajnikë. 

The lecture in the school of Runik, Skënderaj about trauma and its impact.

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