Since  2020 we are part of one EU project (Vet  2 Vet) with educational and vocational training centers in eight European states.

  • Italy
  • Finland
  • Netherlands
  • Slovenia
  • Croatia
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Montenegro
  • Kosovo 
Lavdim DTC /Kosovo and Irena Mavrin Gospodarska Skola/ Cakovec Croatia presenting the work and cooperation as twinning partners

The idea of the project is that all partners  (teachers and students) should learn from each other and find the best practice.

From 21.03.2022 till 25.03.22 the delegation from the Diakonie Training Center (DTC) in Mitrovica /Kosovo were together with partners from all the participating schools in one conference in Alba /Italy. We worked, planned, and developed the ongoing project.

DTC has one twinning partner, Gospodarska Skola, in Cakovec /Croatia. We worked intensively together with our twinning partner and the other project coordinators from all the participating schools. In May four of our students and two teachers will go for 4 weeks of internship at the Gospodarska Skola in Cakovec.  It was very interesting to see in Alba how Apro Formazione (Training center) organized educational and vocational training.  We focused a lot on the training for Electricians and Cooks. https://v2vproject.eu/

What we have learned in this Conference we will use in our Curriculums and our trainings.


group work with our twinning partner
the project coordinators from Gospodarska Skola presenting our action plan
Training kitchen in Alba with a very high standard
Training for Electricians doing different installations
Down town of Alba / Italy

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