For years we have had good and intensive cooperation with the protestant Military service (PMS)

Every military pastor in mission in the nato-camp in Prishtina is coming with soldiers to visit Diakonie Kosova and his various projects.

The PMS is supporting the multiethnic Youth Center at the Diakonie in Mitrovica every year with 31.000€. Without this help, the youth center could not go on.

Dr.Bernhard  Felmberg, the Bishop of the (PSM) came to the Head Quarter of Diakonie Kosova on 09.05.22 he visited the Diakonie Training Center, and the ongoing vocational pieces of training, the kindergarten, and the Psychosocial Center for Trauma Therapy was highly in our work and we had good and intensive communications.

Dr. Ferlmberg gave as a gift by telling us that the PSM will go on to support the Youth Center with 31.000€.

We are very happy and thankful.

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