Yesterday we welcomed in our office in Fushë Kosovë the head of Cooperation for Development at the Embassy of Germany, Ms. Vera Baumann, together with her team member Ms. Emona Salihi.

The visitors were welcomed by the leader of the NGO Diakonie Kosova, Mr. Bernd Baumgarten, and our staff in Fushë Kosova.

The visit was made to see closely the work of the Psychosocial Center for Trauma Therapy with the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian (RAE) communities.

In the office in Fushë Kosova, part of the Psycho-Social Center for Trauma Therapy, Diakonie Kosova works specifically with the RAE communities, offering free medical and psychosocial services within the neighborhoods inhabited by RAE.

We remain committed to continuing and advancing our work with ethnic minorities, to reduce the impact of the trauma that is so prevalent among these communities

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