Diakonie derives from a Greek word meaning service, helping others, people that need help.

Diakonie was created 2000 years ago in the community of Christians in Jerusalem. From the great love for God derives the love for and between people. Helping them is the main goal.

Diakonie during two millenniums has had many forms of organizing. The main goal has always been to help the weak, the sick, the disabled and minorities.

New Diakonie was founded with the initiative of Johann Hinrich Wichem in Hamburg. He was a Protestant pastor who wanted to change the great distress of poor children and adolescents. After the last war in Kosovo, many organizations such as Diakonia from Germany and other European countries have helped with the needs of Kosovo population.

The organisation Kindernothilfe in Duisburg, with donations from Germany, immediately after the war has established a training center for unemployed youth in Mitrovica, Diakonie Training Center (DTC). There can be followed training in various fields of handicrafts and in different modules.

Diakonie Trier opened in 2005 along with the state of Rheinland-Pfalz a liaison office for the voluntary return of refugees, funded in Kosovo, so that departures would have to stop.

Returnees from Rheinland-Pfalz will be consulted on all important aspects of their new/old residential. Particularly important is counseling and assistance in securing employment in Kosovo, usually an independent activity.

Diakonie Kosovo has taken over and expanded in 2010 the DTC training center. Kindermothilfe organization is still the most important supporter, sponsor and helps on further independence.

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