On the 15th of February, for the Day of Ashkali, we organized a celebration activity with the Ashkali children from Fushë Kosova. 18 children of different ages were taken on a trip to Mitrovica, where they visited Diakonie’s Farm and Diakonie Youth Center. For many of these poor children of this minority, this was the first time that they could be part of an organization like this.

On the farm, they were introduced to the work that Diakonie does there. They also got to see our cattle, and seeing the young goats was very attractive and joyful to them

Ashkali children visit the farm of Diakonie. *

In the Youth Center, the children danced, played various games, and enjoyed a dinner prepared for them by the kitchen staff. They had a lot of fun getting to know and dance with other children and teens from the Youth Center.

Ashkali and Albanian children dancing together in Diakonie Kosova’s Youth Center

*The pictures were taken and posted with the written informed consent of parent(s)/legal guardian(s)

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