We would like to inform you that we have started the new Project Supported by: Bayerisches Landesamt für Asyl und Rückführungen

The Project „Rückkehr- und Reintegrationsberatung.“ Started on March 2019 and  will cower  all the returnees that are comming from Bayern Land in Germany.

Our services are:                   

  • On-site research, local needs assessment, close coordination with the immigration office, the return office in Germany
  • Initial contact and pick-up at the airport
  • Security and procurement of housing, if necessary renovation or construction / extension of an existing house
  • Job search, counseling and support for self-employment, help with implementation
  • Clarification and assurance of medical care, procurement of medicines
  • School enrollment, help with school problems
  • Sustainable advice / accompaniment for integration
  • Training (craft trades) to facilitate integration into the kosovarian labor market
  • Trainings for agriculture, chicken husbandry, goat husbandry (milk processing), vegetable cultivation
  • Distribution of food and hygienic kits

 Integration for unaccompanied minor refugees

  • Help and support by trained and experienced specialists
  • Pick up at the airport, transport at home
  • Careful research, preparation of a help plan with family and state offices
  • Trauma therapy and psychosocial counseling
  • Administrative assistance (administrative, school and training)

Your partners are:

Mr.Nysret Krasniqi

Project coordinator

Ms.Teuta Aliu

Finances and Caunseling

Mr.Abdullah Sadiku



Our contact is:

Office: 00 383 28 515 141

Email: nysret@diakoniekosova.org

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