Natural Chicken Farm is a project originally funded by the European Union and the municipality of Mitrovica. This natural chicken farm is among the first in Kosovo. It is located in the south-west side of Mitrovica, 5 km from the center, in the village of “Frashër i vogël”. The land was provided free of charge by the municipality of Mitrovica. The farm object is a built-in ecological wooden building, insulated with natural straw and mud, which was built by a senior expert at a coaching course.

We closely cooperate with the kosovovarian non-profit organization “Handikos”, who works with people with disabilities.

At our farm the people with disabilities can find a safe environment, with interesting outdoor jobs and activities with animals.

We cultivate the race of Maran, Mitrovica-Maran (M-M). This breed is originally from France. This is a breed that offers high quality meat and sufficient number of eggs per year. A characteristic of this breed is the black-brown color of chicks and the braun-colored eggs. We sell our farm products every Saturday in the Mitrovica open market and are also in markets in the region.

In our natural farm we realize the following priorities:

• Natural breed care, egg and meat production.

• Create jobs for people with disabilities and integrate them in social life.

• Mutual co-operation of people with disabilities and those with no disabilities.