“Kindergarten”  is project  under umbrella of Diakonie Training Center. These project has started in March 2015 with the purpose  to offer quality education for children of Mitrovica ,one of the poorest region in Kosovo. Kindergarten is a licensed  educational institute  that accept children from 9 month -6 years old . Our Philosophy of education is based on three important columns :

-Social  learning -to learn to help each other.

-Environment classes –to learn children to respect the nature and environment.

-German classes

Also we are  supporters and followers of Montessori methodology and for these our team is trained from German trainers to practice this methodology in our kindergarten.

Kindergarten is a Institution that respect the dignity and  the rights of people and is opened for all ethnicities that live in Mitrovica .We are supporting  social cases and  integrating children with special needs.

Kindergarten Diakonie

Address and Contact: 
Str. Andrea Alleshi (te rampa) 
40000 Mitrovica 
Tel: +383 (0) 28 535 733
Email: rashaniblerta@gmail.com

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