Diakonie Training Center (DTC) is a training and crafts center of Diakonie in Mitrovica / Kosovo. This center was created immediately after the war in 2000 with donations from Kindernothilife in Duisburg (KNH). In 2010, Diakonie Kosovo has received under DTC-on administration. We are a non-governmental organization registered in Kosovo. Our work is funded mainly by donations from Germany. Our biggest donors are KNH and Evangelical organizations “Start up für die Welt”. But also of individual donations from individuals, collectors and Christian communities.
Based on the high level of unemployment in Kosovo with over 50%, our major objective will be to provide training (crafts) and preparing young people for the labor market is extremely difficult.
Evangelical Diakonia respects the dignity of all people regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion. Our students are Kosovo Albanians, Serbs, Bosniaks, Roma, Egyptians, Ashkali and Turks. Muslims, Catholics and dervishes. Our help and special care belongs to the minority members of the families of martyrs lost during the war and / or social welfare recipients who do not pay tuition.

In this training, the candidates will have the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge in the direction of central heating installations. The training is oriented to the Kosovo labor market. Candidates learners plans and simple calculations, compilation and assembly drawings according to the project plan.

During training work with copper pipes, aluminum, plastics and copper plasticized. The training consists of theoretical 30%, 60% and 10% practical instruction and assessment vijushmeri. 3 months after the training offered the possibility of continuing training for 4 weeks. This course is accredited in 2012 by the office responsible for accreditation.

In this training, candidates will have the opportunity to learn electrical installations in homes and buildings, ranging from standards to the final implementation of projects. Conditions in teaching labs are quite good and convenient with modern equipment. More importantly, the candidates have the opportunity to show themselves during class project. Besides electrical installations in homes and buildings, we can get used to the electrical installations industrial: driving the engines for industrial purposes. This training mainly lasted 4 months.

Training lasts three months, within this training taught gipspllakave measuring and cutting up to installation and designs of KNAUF’s different. After its expansion and issued learned the structure of the facade and finally painting the walls. All works are carried out in the respective cabinets, a combination of theoretical and practical learning. After completing the training are selected several students who are recommended in companies practicing and if successful tegohën will earn a place of work

It is a training that lasts for 4 weeks and during this time the candidates will have the opportunity to learn the extent of ceramic tiles in the bathroom, kitchen or hallway. Calculation of surfaces also about the amount of tiles needed and

In this training candidates learn the working of various residential buildings of wood. Starting from small houses up to objects with greater surface. Greater importance in the context of this paper is devoted to training different roofs especially through Truss roofs of wood.

Participants in this course familiar with materials, tools and machines work. They / them learn to work by hand and sewing machine, make cuts and create new clothes. This course helps in being independent in the exercise of the profession as a tailor

We offer English language courses for children, youth and adults. Of particular importance and support are members of minority groups

Hairdresser course provides an opportunity to interact with and learn from very successful, highly qualified and experienced professionals.

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