This project is financed from Rheinische Landeskirche in Germany.

Since 2007 there is a Diakonie’s office in Kosovo, that works for the return of refugees from Germany.

At the request of experts from Rheinland-Pfalz, Diakonie directs the individual research and investigation at the scene. This comprehensive preparation and investigation before a return is necessary in order to advance and explore all aspects of restoration and to provide a safe return with dignity.

After a successful return, workers of Diakonia in Kosovo will be available at any time. This  continual and reliable support on the scene is very important to cope with reintegration issues and ensure a successful recovery for the people who lived many years in Germany.

Address and Contact:
Str. Andrea Alleshi (te rampa)
40000 Mitrovica
Tel: +383 (0) 28 535 620
Email: info@diakoniekosova.org