Diakonie Youth Center celebrated his 10th anniversary on 23.09.2023 together with national and international guests.

The youth center organized in the last 10th years Low Level Access, Trainings for Cameraman, DJ, Nail Course, Web design.

Beside this we had different activities for reconciliation, intercultural dialogue and we opened a Boxing Club that is meanwhile it is registered in the ministry of sports.

Our staff is multiethnic we have Albanians, Roma, Ashkali working for us. Our staff is a good example how different ethnicities can work peacefully together.

Our training for tailoring from Diakonie Training Center have organized a great fashion. Students have designed and prepared dresses and presented them.

Heather Roy from Eurodiaconie in Brussels gave a speech and Ms. Dr. Heike Endepols from our partner church in Burscheid/ Germany spoke and gave us as a gift a big waffle machine.