Diakonie Farm started in 2011. It’s not like other farms because it hires people with disabilities to work alongside goats and chickens. This means everyone, no matter their disabilities, can work there. It helps these individuals learn new skills, become more independent and feel valued. Diakonie Farm shows that everyone can contribute and be part of a community, no matter their abilities.

The farm of Diakonie Kosova, it is a working place for people with special needs, it is located in Frashër I vogël 7 km away from Mitrovica.

Our activities are :

·        The natural growth of chicken

·        Production of eggs and meat

·        Livestock/ growing of goats

·        Production of goat milk and different kinds of cheese.

·        Cultivation of wheat, corn and clover.

·        Fruit and vegetables

·        Trainings and education for the particular work on a farm

·        Offering counseling and therapy from Psycho-social Center for Trauma Therapy.

·        Medical consultations and check-ups by our family doctor

Thank you Otto per mille

With the grant of Otto per mille we can carry on to employ people with special needs

Our mission is to create an inclusive and accessible society where everyone, regardless of ability can thrive. However, we cannot achieve this alone. Through your help and support we have witnessed transformative effects on breaking down barriers and promoting inclusivity.

Your generosity has already made a significant impact, and we are hopeful that you will again join us in this mission. Together, we can create a world where every individual, regardless of ability, is valued and included.

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