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Caritas Kosova Visits DYC

Caritas Kosova visits DYC

Diakonie Youth Center had the pleasure to welcome a group of  youth from roma comunity…

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Two Days Ballet Workshop In Diakonie Youth Center

Two days ballet workshop in Diakonie Youth Center

NGO Tumulus with the representative Philippe-Ahmed Braschi and the french artist ballerina Andrea Sitter, in…

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Mbahet Punëtori Dy-ditore Me Balerinën Franceze Andrea Sitter

Mbahet punëtori dy-ditore me balerinën franceze Andrea Sitter

Falë OJQ-së Tumulus me përfaqësuesin Philippe-Ahmed Braschi dhe artisten franceze përkatësisht balerinën Andrea Sitter, në…

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The psycho-social center for trauma therapy organizes its first regional meeting

Diakonie Kosova, the psycho-social center for Trauma therapy with its main office in Mitrovica, and…

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Storie suksesi

Dy Studente Në Fushën E Dizajnit Të Modës Hapin Lokalin Për Dizajn Mode Me Ndihmën E Diakonie Kosovës

Festina Nivokazi, born on 12.04.1997 in Mitrovica and Albulena Vojvoda, born on 09.08.1997 in Skenderaj, attended the tailoring training at Diakonie Training Center. In this training they were professionally trained and were certified in 2017 by DTC after showing remarkable results in the sewing profession.Thanks to this success, Festina and Albulena were assisted by Diakonie Kosova - DTC with the opening of a shop and the necessary equipment for designin and sewing, where today they enjoy the respect of many satisfied customers.

Successful Youngster Gets A Job After Training For Cameraman In Diakonie Youth Center

A youngster gets offered a job since he successfully completed the Camera Course in Diakonie Youth Center.

After a successful internship he was offered a job. His job involves video and photo shootings of events such as weddings, cultural events, advertising etc.

“I want to thank Diakonie Youth Center and the donators for the camera course for providing me the opportunity to be part of this training” are his words of gratitute for Diakonie youth center.

A Single Mother From RAE Community Works In DTC
Jalldëz Motishi, born on 16 December 1990, who completed elementary education in Germany, attended the Diakonie Kosova professional training center, respectively DTC, the hairdressing course in which she was successful and at the end of the course was certified for the knowledge she gained from this training in 2017. After Jalldez was trained in this profession and other qualities such as good relationship with hairdressing students, Jalldëz was invited to be hired as assistant to the hairdressing trainer. Jalldëz, who speaks fluently German, is very grateful for the opportunity given to her by Diakonie Kosova because minorities in Mitrovica have little employment opportunities and Jalldëz belongs to the RAE community.