Lavdim Zeqiri, the director of Diakonie Training Center (DTC), and Krenare Deda, the administration assistant, recently participated in the final conference of Vet2Vet in SIC Ljubljana’s school in Slovenia from April 15th to 18th.

The conference brought together 10 partners, divided into 5 twinning partners. Each Western Balkan country was paired with an European country, fostering a dynamic exchange of knowledge and experiences. As any other vocational school, also DTC shared their challenges and triumphs in navigating the complexities during the project.

Meanwhile, their European schools, with their wealth of experience in managing Erasmus projects, mobility initiatives, study visits, and job shadowing programs, provided valuable insights and best practices. Over the three and a half year Vet2Vet project, students participating were provided with invaluable opportunities for practical training.

Each school had the chance to send their students to their respective twinning partner for hands-on experience in their chosen field. Furthermore, the teachers accompanying the students on these exchanges also benefited greatly from the project. They were exposed to new teaching techniques and methodologies during their time with the twinning partner.

This exposure not only broadened their pedagogical repertoire but also revitalized their enthusiasm and motivation for teaching.

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